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Body Image, Love and Sex Webinar


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Body Image, Love and Sex Webinar


In the journey of love, we’ve been hurt, rejected, taken for granted, fooled, unappreciated or misunderstood in one way or another. We've tried to validate our existence and fill the voids with what left us feeling like there's still something missing. We've been there! Redefining your identity is not a walk in the park. Join us in a candid conversation, on matters- Body image, Love and Sex- As we discuss matters; 1. Self love 2. Help you embrace a more positive body image 3. Matters sexuality 4. Sex-pleasure points 6. How to give and receive consent We want to travel this journey with you. So hop on :) and discover an empowered you!


Leila Mkameli

Leila Mkameli

Leila Mkameli Gwiyo (MCPsy) Consultant Counselling Psychologist & Learning Style Coach Student, M.A. in Counseling Psychology ( University of Nairobi) Certified Learning Style Coach ( Assessment 24*7, USA) B. A. Counseling Psychology (University of Nairobi, Hons) Member of Kenya Psychological Association (KPsyA)

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Rachel jones

Rachel Jones

Rachel M. Jones holds a Masters degree in Public Health with a focus on sexual & reproductive health from Emory University in Atlanta, USA. While at Emory, Rachel was active in the Emory Reproductive Health Association and was trained to be a sexual health educator. She ran weekend workshops for young adults on sexual health called "So you wanna be a Sexpert?". Rachel moved to Kenya in 2016 to work in reproductive & maternal health at Jacaranda Health, where she is currently the Senior Research Manager. Rachel is passionate about empowering all people to have safe, healthy, positive sexual experiences.

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